Promotion 5 million / dental implant at KIM Dental

Promotion 5 million / dental implant at KIM Dental

From 12/03/2018 – 18/03/2018, KIM Dental promotion boom of thousands of attractive incentives unprecedented for the quarter customer. Of which, Promotion 5 million / dental implant.


(Applied from KIM Dental 12/03/2018 – 18/03/2018)

hot-moi-can-ho Promotion 5 million / dental implant

Foreigners: +84 902 898 258


  • If after the above time you have conditions to join the service, please deposit to keep the promotion
  • Not applicable with other promotions
  • For customers, deposits from   12/03/2018 – 18/03/2018
  • Applicable to all establishments

Doctors KIM Dental Hospital consultation and examination

Foreigners: +84 902 898 258


During operation and development, KIM Hospital proudly has successfully implemented 100% of the tooth-planting, helping thousands of customers get regular teeth, beautiful white teeth and bright smile, To be more confident anytime anywhere.

Thousands of customers have successfully implanted implant teeth at KIM Dental Hospital

Model and actress Dieu Ngoc chose porcelain crowns, implanted dental implant in the face of KIM Dental Hospital

Nguyen Ngoc Nga customers have had better teeth after implantation of four missing teeth implant at KIM Hospital

Dinh Thanh Vu customers have overcome the loss of two front teeth, 3 teeth after implantation of dental implant in 

Thanh Ngan with shiny white porcelain teeth and implant dental

To get the perfect smile and full of charm as now Tan Tai has porcelain teeth, implant dental implant

In the past, Thanh Nam’s teeth were rough, dull, sparse, and missing three teeth compared to the “tooth” teeth now.

Diem Thuy customers is confidence with smile shine after the porcelain crown, implant dental implant

Khue Tran seems to be shaping up, she becomes beautiful with charming smile after engraving porcelain teeth, implant dental implant

With the technique of porcelain crown, implantation of dental implant, KIM Dental Hospital has helped customers Nguyen Thi Anh Thu overcome tooth loss, lost two teeth and get regular teeth, perfect white teeth.

Nguyen Huu Trong customers have bright white teeth and are more beautiful after the porcelain crown, implanted dental implant in KIM Hospital

The condition of stained teeth and defects on the teeth of customers Vo Ngoc Huong has been completely resolved after the implementation of porcelain crowns, implantation of dental implants in the face of KIM Dental Hospital

Customers Nguyen Quang Binh has white teeth, no deviation, yellow stains, loss of teeth after the teeth to KIM Dental Hospital crowns, implant dental implants

Customer image before and after implantation of dental implants at KIM Dental Hospital

Customer image before and after implantation of dental implants at KIM Dental Hospital

Customer image before and after implantation of dental implants at KIM Dental Hospital

Customer image before and after implantation of dental implants at KIM Dental Hospital


Customer image before and after implantation of dental implants at KIM Dental Hospital

Foreigners: +84 902 898 258


KIM Dental Hosptal with outstanding advantages in terms of facilities, expertise, professional and practical experience, is known as the leading implantation site prestige, effective leading today in Vietnam. In the course of operation and development, KIM prides itself on accompanying the loss of missing teeth, helping many customers inside and outside the country to quickly regain their beautiful teeth, confident communication and comfort. Eat chewing.

The team of KIM doctors

Direct examination to the expert of the team expert, expert specialist, or professional practice, foreign practice. With the knowledge and experience of the credentials of the clients of the state of the clients of the clients, the doctor will given the best way of treaters, help after after recover the good good quality, age.

Currently, KIM is one of the very few addresses that successfully implements all implant implantation techniques in the world, from simple to complex, such as implantation of fast 3D implant, implantation of dental implant. Implant implant All On 6, implant implant cheek bone … and combine sinus lift, bone graft in case of severe bone deficiency. In addition, KIM is applying a number of advanced implant implantation techniques such as SpiralTech USA Implant, YES Implant BioTech, Mis (Germany), Nobel Biocare (USA), Straumann (Switzerland), Tekka – Kontact France), Dentium Super Line …. This makes it easier for customers to choose according to their financial conditions and needs.

KIM Application of advanced implant implant technology

At KIM, implants are implanted in accordance with the technology and strict requirements of the Ministry of Health from the examination, x-ray examination, consultation, treatment planning as well as restoration procedures. . Thanks to that, KIM always brings the best dental implant results, the safest for customers, ensuring high aesthetic, uncomplicated and lasting durability over time.

KIM pioneering update and equipped with a series of machines and technologies in the world to implant dental implants such as Conbeam CT 3D radiology machine, Pano & Cepha machine, Simplant analysis software, seal technology. So, the dental porcelain CAD / CAM … Therefore, the examination and treatment stage is more accurate, painless, non-invasive, shortened the course of treatment but still achieved the best results.

Conbeam CT 3D X-ray machine


Panorex x-ray machine

Simplant analysis software

KIM implant implant in the standard operating room of the Ministry of Health with advanced machinery, monitor signs of survival, two-layer sterile system, lights, anesthesia, Networking. Modern dental room, new office chair 100%, each chair is a separate room, each customer is a set of hands to drill and own tools to help doctors examine, treat conveniently, avoid cross infection.

Surgery room

Dental clinic

In addition to providing aesthetic and high safety performance, implant planting at KIM is absolutely assured about the prestige and quality of service. Because, not only apply long-term warranty policy, for remote customers have airport transfer staff at the airport and help booking hotels, staffs attentive and dedicated …. KIM does Implant policy implant 0% installment 0%, help customers peace of mind about the cost.

Foreigners: +84 902 898 258

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